Odisha, a principal maritime state has a coastline of about 480 Kms extending from Bahuda Mouth in Ganjam District in South to Bichitrapur (Talashari) in Balasore District in North. The coastline traverses six coastal districts of Odisha, viz. Balasore (80 km), Bhadrak (50 km), Kendrapara (68 km), Jagatsinghpur (67 km), Puri (155 km) and Ganjam (60 km). It is endowed with conducive, unique, natural and strategic port locations. Every stretch of coast is a variety of ecological niches and habitats. The advantages for development of sea ports in Odisha includes for availability of a vast hinterland generating cargo, comprising of other developing Eastern and Central Indian States. Establishment of mining-based Industrial Houses located in the hinterland of the state offer long term potential for cargo which need seaport facility in Odisha. Port locations and the perennial riverine systems of Odisha are ideally situated to adapt to the current development in technology, in the areas of communication, automation, cargo handling and ship technology. It is in this perspective that the Government of Odisha, by evolving an integrated strategy intends to implement its vision in port sector.

Cargo Potential

Total traffic at all major and non major ports in India were recorded as 885 million tons of which contribution made by non major ports was about 35%. The total cargo handled by Indian Ports is expected to increase to 2080million tons by 2030. The Odisha state share of cargo is expected to increase to 475 million tons, i.e. about 23% of total cargo to be handled (2080 million tons) in major and non major ports in India by the year 2030.

Port scenario in Odisha

Government in Commerce & Transport (Com) Department have identified the following 14 (Fourteen) potential Sites for the development as minor ports, out of which 13 locations are notified for development of minor ports under Indian Ports Act. Besides above, steps are being taken to develop a Riverine Port on River Mahanadi near Paradip. 

Sl # Name of the Port Locations District Status PDF
1 Bichitrapur (Talashari) Balasore Notified
2 Subarnarekha Mouth (Kirtania) Balasore Notified
3 Bahabalpur Balasore Notified
4 Chandipur Balasore Notified
5 Inchudi Balasore Notified
6 Chudamani Bhadrak Notified
7 Dhamra Bhadrak Notified
8 Jatadhar Muhan Jagatsinghpur Notified
9 Astaranga Puri Notified
10 Baliharichandi Puri Notified
11 Palur Ganjam Notified
12 Gopalpur Ganjam Notified
13 BahudaMuhan (Sonepur) Ganjam Notified
14 Riverine Port near Paradip Jagatsinghpur Notified