Gopalpur Port was operated by Government of Odisha as a seasonal lighterage Port from 86-87. The Port was upgraded to all weather direct berthing port through international competitive bidding process selecting Gopalpur Ports Limited as developer. Concession Agreement between Government of Odisha and Gopalpur Ports Limited was signed on 14th September, 2006 and the Port was handed over to Gopalpur Ports Limited on 30th October,2006 for development on BOOST basis. 

The All-weather Directing Berthing Port started its commercial operation on 29.03.2013. But very severe cyclone ‘PHAILIN’ hit the port on 12th October 2013 and disrupted the entire harbour protective structures including the total backup infrastructure and the Port operation was suspended. After PHAILIN restoration works, the port re-commissioned its commercial operation on 31.10.2015. 

The present status of the port are as follows.

i Project Cost Rs.1,411.00 Crore
ii Cargo handling Capacity 0.55 MTPA-54.00 MTPA
iii Length of Approach Channel 1.9 Kms.
iv Berths 1 No. (300 Mtr.)
v Vessel Size  80000 DWT
vi Draft  -12.5 Mtr.

Port Performance

Name of the Port Financial Year No. of Ships Cargo Movement (in MMT) Revenue Share of Govt. of Odisha (Amount in INR)
Import Export Coastal Shipping Total
Gopalpur   2013-14 07 0 0.069 0.00 0.069 2031966.00
2014-15 - - - - - NIL
2015-16 07 0 0.11 0.03 0.14 3545748.00