Dhamra Port is located on the north of mouth of river Dhamra at the Latitude 20"47'30" and Longitude 86"57'35". The Port is situated about 100 Nm south of Haldia major port and about 50 Nm north of Paradip major port. Dhamra falls in close proximity to the mineral rich industrial states of Odisha, Jharkhand and Chhattisgarh.  

Concession Agreement was signed between Government of Odisha and International Sea-ports limited on 02.04.1998 on BOOST basis for development of green field Port at Dhamara. Dhamara Port has been developed by the Dhamara Port Company Limited. 1st Phase construction work of the Port has been completed and put to operation since 06.05.2011. 2nd Phase expansion of port has also been initiated.

i Project Cost  Rs.10,016.00 Crore
ii Cargo handling Capacity 25 MTPA-109 MTPA
iii Length of Approach Channel 18 Kms.
iv Berths (Planned) 13 Nos.
v Berths (In operation) 2 Nos. (700 Mtr.)
vi Vessel Size  180000 DWT
vii Draft  -18 Mtr. 

Port Performance   

Name of the Port Financial Year No. of Ships Cargo Movement (in MMT) Revenue Share of Govt. of Odisha (Amount in INR)
Import Export Coastal Shipping Total
Dhamara 2011-12 70 4.92 0.06 0.05 5.03 98335131.00
2012-13 136 8.72 0.30 2.06 11.08 250384743.00
2013-14 193 10.23 0.84 3.23 15.45 385749120.00
2014-15 192 14.05 0.10 1.30 15.45 454899045.00