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Port Policy

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Port Policy

Odisha Port Policy

Government of Odisha has formulated a Port Policy during the year 2004 for private participation in the development of ports. The Port Policy envisages an integrated approach, covering ports, industrial and infrastructure development including inland waterways. Odisha Maritime Board is to be set-up to act as the single window agency in facilitating and developing the availability of land, water, power and the associated infrastructure. It would facilitate the clearances to be obtained from Government of Odisha and Government of India, in close collaboration with the private investors. The main objectives of the port policy are as follows;Image removed.

  • To increase Odisha’s Share in the export and import sector, in national and international trade and commerce, by taking advantage of the liberalization and globalization process.
  • To decongest the existing major ports, by developing minor ports, on the eastern coastal region, so as to cater to the needs of increasing volumes of international and domestic traffic.
  • To provide port facilities to promote export-oriented and port based industries which constitute the major chunk of industrial investment.
  • To encourage shipbuilding, ship repairing and ship breaking and to establish manufacturing facilities for heavy industries in and around ports.
  • To provide facilities for coastal shipping of passengers and inter-state cargo traffic and further extension of these services to West Bengal, Andhra Pradesh & Tamil Nadu etc.
  • To take up suitable facilitating measures as well as policy initiatives for attracting private sector investments in the development and operation of existing and new minor ports.
  • To establish connectivity of the ports with the riverine systems so as to increase the transportation of cargo through inland waterways.

Odisha Maritime Board (OMB)

Odisha Maritime Board (OMB) is being established which will act as a single window agency for development of ports and inland waterways. Odisha Maritime Board be vested with the authority and powers to plan direct and implement the maritime development in the State with private sector participation. The main aims and objectives of the Odisha Maritime Board are as follows;

  • Odisha Maritime Board in consultation with experts will evolve an integrated ‘Maritime Master Plan’.
  • It will have a technical wing to assess the likely new cargo generation from time to time and to look for new investment avenues in the ports and inland waterways.
  • Odisha Maritime Board will evolve an integrated approach covering port and infrastructural development.
  • Odisha Maritime Board will be empowered to receive funds from Government of India. It will be authorized to enter into contacts with consultants, developers and financial institutions. It will enter into MoUs and Concession Agreements with the approval of Government of Odisha.
  • Odisha Maritime Board will be vested with powers to impose, review and modify the existing port charges in the minor ports, subject to approval of the Government.
  • Odisha Maritime Board will be authorized to enter into agreements for capital participation with Government of India Ministers and other major ports, subject to the approval of Government of Odisha.
  • Odisha Maritime Board would undertake “Traffic Studies” to identify the likely cargo from the hinterland states in co-ordination with the Ministries of Government of India, such as, Shipping, Agriculture, Fertilizers, Petroleum, Mines, Steel, Coal, and the Director General of Foreign Trade.
  • Odisha Maritime Board would plan and implement the process of attracting private sector investments in inland waterways in tune with the policies of the Ministry of Shipping, Government of India.